Vortragsabend Steve House

Zum 2. Eifestival Osttirol, am 13.1.2017, um 19:30 im Matreier Tauernhaus

STEVE HOUSE „Nanga Parbat and beyond“


Hier ein paar Zeilen über Steve’s Vortrag


Nanga Parbat and Beyond

Climbing Nanga Parbat’s Rupal Face: Steve House’s fifteen year quest and a milestone in alpinism. Falling from Mount Temple: Near-death and a new perspective.


Steve begins by taking his audience with him up the tallest mountain wall in the world: Nanga Parbat’s Rupal Face. In 2005 Steve and Vince Anderson spent six days ascending this difficult four-thousand-five-hundred meter wall; arriving at the summit an hour before sunset on their sixth continuous day of climbing. Six months later Steve and Vince were awarded the Piolet d’Or for the best climb of the year.

Steve lets the audience in on the doubts which followed him on his expeditions and climbs for the next decade: Is one the sum of his accomplishments? What is the value of success? Why risk everything to climb a mountain? And how he found himself coming back to Osttirol to ski and climb.

What we try to accomplish, and what we actually accomplish, both affect who we are and who we become. Join us and see what part of yourself you will recognize in Steve’s inspirational journey.

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